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School is Out soon... Throw a celebration
Spring Time is Fun Time
How the weather changes so quickly...
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School is Out soon... Throw a celebration

Ok MOMS & DADS school will be out soon so throw a big celebration for there accomplishments !  We are here to bring fun and laughter to your party.
 Big HUGS for all  you do for your family!!

How the weather changes so quickly...

I'm sitting here thinking how the weather changes so fast. Only if we could make other things change so fast. Like peace throughout the world, more jobs to help improve the economy, gas & food prices reduced, more money to pay our teachers to build a better tomorrow and not having to pay no taxes. I could go on and on but I know you all understand. Well the one thing that I love about clowning is no matter what is going around the world seeing young children and parents having a great time, laughing, dancing and enjoying life. When I see this I realize life is what you make out of it and to me we can make a difference in peoples lifes if we focus on bringing fun and laughter into peoples lifes. So go have a party and spread this joy all around you. If you need help call Ms Shimmy Giggles Entertainment . Have a great Sunday..

Holiday 's are coming soon

Fall is here now its time to enjoy all the fun festival, holiday parties and more . Ms. Shimmy Giggles is ready to bring fun and laughter to your special event. We can do facepainting, balloon twisting and more....  Have a great week.... Its time to bump a nose.

Shimmy Giggles Stopping in to say hello

Hello to all my visitors - I hope your having a great week! Its a joy to have you stopping by my website.
Please consider me at your next party or event as I bring lots of smiles and laughter to your party.

Shimmy Giggles - 1st Day on Blog

Hey everyone Shimmy Giggles has added a blog. I'm very interested in hearing from you. As you are the important part of my business so feel free to give ideas suggestions, send pics of parties that I've done for you. Provide me with jokes, funny things that have happen to you or just stop in and say HELLO. Cant wait to hear from you love to break in my blog.
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